Duration: 1 hour / Difficulty: Easy / Private

Would you like to walk a snowy path from the wilderness cabin to the sauna and enjoy rolling in the snow between the steams? it's possible here!

Before your sauna experience, please check-in at the reception/restaurant so our staff can show you where the sauna is.

Take a closer look at the Sauna Etiquette of Tankavaara Gold Village sauna:

  • Book a sauna experience at the bottom of this page or ask for a sauna hour from our reception. Keep the time in your mind and go to the sauna on your own turn.
  • In Tankavaara, the sauna hour is private, your family or group has reservation for one hour. In addition to the wood-heated sauna you have a dressing room and a shower.
  • Before going to sauna, take your towel from the cabin.
  • Take a shower before going to the sauna. Finnish people go to sauna naked, but you can put on a clean swimming suit or a towel as well.
  • Throw water to the sauna heater softly.
  • If the sauna it's too hot, you should cool off either in the dressing room or outdoors. Do not open the sauna window because the sauna will cool down too much.
  • Rolling in the snow after the sauna is a popular Finnish way to cool off! Try it too!
  • Drink water between and after the sauna. Other cold beverages are good sauna drinks, you can buy your drinks from our restaurant!
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