Combo ticket: Gold Panning 1 hour & entrance to the Wilderness Exhibiton

Combo ticket: Gold Panning 1 hour & entrance to the Wilderness Exhibiton

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Easy

This Combo ticket includes:

  • 1 hour of guided gold panning outdoors. Equipment included and you can keep the gold you find while panning
  • Entrance to the Wilderness exhibiton in Tankavaara
  • Price is per person, including children (over 7 years). Children under 7 years have free entrance to the exhibition and can book the gold panning ticket separately. Children aged 4 or under are free to the gold panning with an adult that has purchased a gold panning ticket.

Please reserve at least 2 hours of time to do both activities. You can choose which activity you would like to do first, visit the exhibition or go gold panning.

Gold panning is open daily 10-18 and the Wilderness exhibition 10-17. Combo ticket is only valid for one day, so you can't move the gold panning to a second day for example. The whole ticket can be changed and cancelled according to the cancellation terms however.

Please keep your ticket with you on a mobile device or printed and show the ticket on both the gold panning site as well as the Wilderness exhibition.

Gold panning site is located 600 meters from the Wilderness exhibition. The distance can be walked or you can drive 400 meters from the Tankavaara restaurant parking lot to the Wilderness exhibition parking lot. Our staff can help you navigate Tankavaara area if needed.

Please note that this ticket does not include Goldmuseum entrance.

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