6 hour canoeing trip in Lapland

6 hour canoeing trip in Lapland

Duration: 6 hours / Difficulty: Easy

6 hour canoeing trip in Lapland’s wilderness

Our whole day trip is easy for beginners with our guide and includes full lunch by the fire on the way.

Canoeing trip starts from Tankavaara Gold Village where our guide will meet you. From there it’s a short 10-minute drive to the river Tankajoki. Our guide will show and teach you all the necessary information about canoeing and safety.

Canoeing in the winding river Tankajoki is a tranquil experience without any large rapids. The canoeing trip is about 15km long and meanders in beautiful forest and heath landscapes. While canoeing you have plenty of opportunities for photographing.  There are a couple of tiny rapids on the way that speed your journey nicely.

On the way, you will have lunch by the fire that includes soup, bread, cookies and hot tea or coffee.

After the trip you will land in Purnumukka Sámi village, from where our guide will drive you back to Tankavaara Gold Village.

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