Guided 4 hour hike in summer Lapland

Guided 4 hour hike in summer Lapland

Duration: 4 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

Urho Kekkonen National Park is the second largest national park in Finland. The forests of Tankavaara hide a couple of different nature trails to this park and it’s forests, meadows and lappish mountain nature.

Big Tankavaara is the biggest hill of this area and it stands up to 470 meters above sea level. The breathtaking view from the top opens towards the national park and you see the famous fells of Nattanen from the perfect viewpoint.

Our guide takes you to the 7 km day hike to the wilderness. On the way you will see different natural areas such as candle spruce forests and swamps. Our local guide can even help you spot some wildlife! As we walk up the hill the trail is rocky at some parts and a little steep but the views are all worth the climb! Rest of the trail is downhill. We’ll have a break by a beautiful pond at a lean-to shelter where we enjoy coffee and sandwiches. There’s also an eco-toilet next to the lean-to shelter.

The hike will start at the Tankavaara Wild center which has a large parking area. The guide will welcome you at the center where we start our hike to the national park.

The 7 kilometer trail is perfect to see all the different forms of Lappish nature. Climbing to the Big Tankavaara is steep but short and requires moderate effort. You should bring outdoor clothes, hiking boots and a water bottle with you to the hike. Sandwiches and drinks are included.

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